The Defenseless Wagyu Beef – #PorkNotPork

The Defenseless Wagyu Beef – #PorkNotPork

A friend of mine Riz asked me to join from an invite for Curious Kitchen so I tagged along. It turned out, that there is a story behind their Wagyu beef that’s making a buzz on the internet. Here’s the story:

Recently, a heated debate among netizens on the internet spurred when Malaysian Airlines in-flight magazine Going Places featured local Malaysian restaurant Curious Kitchen showing their Wagyu Beef and Squid dishes in that said magazine. The Wagyu Beef was confused as a pork and since Malaysian Airlines serve multi racial passengers worldwide, that incident prompted them to apologize and made a statement not to use the word “pork” anymore but as “non-halal“.

We had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Andrew Lai – Co-Founder of Curious Kitchen and Mark Lee – their Retail Director. One thing I learned from them that night during our conversation is that they are both passionate to food and their business. I can see that they really gone deeper into knowing what they are serving to their customers. I was amazed how much research, experimentation and exploration they have done to come this far, from choosing their menu to picking the right ingredients. They just opened 7 months ago but I can see how well and organized Curious Kitchen is in terms of how they treat their customers, how they serve their food and even how they make sure the ambiance feels extraordinary.

Mr. Mark Lee told us that they had to travel and explore other countries and research what’s best for their restaurant.
Being foodies is a great advantage for them running the business. We had fun having a good conversation with them ‘till we capped off the night.

 Wagyu Beef Bone Marrow is sauteed with shallots and garlic, topped with miso garlic butter, and served on the bone with toasted baguette.
Wagyu Beef Bone Marrow is sauteed with shallots and garlic, topped with miso garlic butter, and served on the bone with toasted baguette.

I can see the importance of making sure that the ingredients are picked carefully to produce a high quality dish with the skills and creativity of the chef in making this masterpiece.

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Just show up to their restaurant and prove to them that you like their page .

Check out the other dishes on their menu from my posted article.

Please see their details if you want to know more about Curious Kitchen:

Curious Kitchen
2nd floor, P-02-01, 12, Persiaran Tropicana, 47410 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

Opening hours: 5pm – 1am
Phone: +60 10-666 1048

Do check out this article to see how the place looks like and other details.

Here’s another review for further reference:

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