My First Stewed Ginger Duck

My First Stewed Ginger Duck

I don’t cook nor do in depth review of food but I thought of documenting foods I enjoyed in this blog to share it to you guys. The main idea is to take photos of food I enjoyed, regardless if it’s fancy or not and say what I felt after eating it. 

Every once in a while, I go to NSK Trade City, Kuchai Lama to buy my groceries. Before I buy, I make sure my stomach is full so I won’t worry looking for food to eat while in the middle of doing my groceries. NSK’s food court has wide variety of food to offer. From Korean, Thai, Chinese and even Japanese food at a lower price.  


Found Fung Shek Seafood Restaurant and decided to try their Stewed Ginger Duck. I have tried some of the food on their menu so this one will be my first ever documented one. 

 It only costs RM 9 and the serving is more than what you normally get. More duck meat is served while very hot. There is no better way of eating your food when it is served hot.  One serving doesn’t include drinks though, but it comes with chili sauce to spice it up a little bit. 

Food was served in less than 3 minutes which is pretty amazingly fast. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try out new food and those who are willing to eat in a food court. The Stewed duck was tender and well cooked. Overall the food is not salty and its best eaten while its hot. One served will surely make your stomach full so prepare to get sleepy afterwards. 

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