Fine Dining Italian Restaurant At The Heart of Sri Petaling

Fine Dining Italian Restaurant At The Heart of Sri Petaling

As of this writing, Passione Ristorante Italiano is the only Italian restaurant you can find in Sri Petaling area. This may change as time goes by but that won’t stop me from showing you the good stuff we had there. Sri Petaling area has a lot of fancy cafes, restaurants, and even those shopa that sell milk teas that most kids love. Well, it is a foodie haven.

Passione Restorante Italiano menu

I had ample of time to roam around and take photos of the restaurant itself. I wanted to share these to you instead of just food photos so you guys can really see how the restaurant is awesome and not just about their food.

God, I missed writing after a few months of being just at home and seeing how huge this place makes me feel blessed for being here at that very moment. Maybe I just missed going out but there is something in this place. It makes you feel you want to stay here for a long time. I don’t think it is a problem if you do stay for longer periods here because the place has a second floor which caters to more customers and well-lit environment

stairs to second floor
the stairs leading to the second floor

Let’s get to our first food of the day.


Tomato fish stew seafood pot consists of baby abalone, prawns, threadfin fis, squids and clams.

Good thing I’m not allergic to seafood and I love the taste of tomatoes, the combination was just perfect. If you are into seafood, this is definitely something you should order. I kept digging the sauce and not to mention the seafood meat was just cooked perfectly as they should. Give this a try if you happen to be there.

Spaghetti Carbonara With Berkshire Bacon

Sphaggetti Carbonara with Berkshire Bacon
Cream-free classic Italian pasta mixed with sauteed Pancetta Italian bacon, eggs, black pepper and pecorino cheese

They have the usual spaghetti carbonara but this time with Berkshire bacon. The bacon sets this apart from any other spaghetti carbonaras out there but the black pepper and pecorino cheese really bring out the flavor of what a true spaghetti carbonara is. I know I’m not Italian to say that with full context but you know you are eating a well-cooked meal when you encounter one. This is one of those. If you look at the photo below, it looks like this is a small portion but bear in mind that the plate is huge. This portion is really enough for a person and could possibly even good to be shared with 2 people.

Sphaggetti Carbonara with Berkshire Bacon

Berkshire Ribs Glazed in Herb & Spiced Butter

charred baby back rips in compound mix hers butter accompanied by spiced mayonnaise

You might have already noticed a pattern here. The food that we had for review mostly had Berkshire meat and that could merely just be a coincidence because they still have a lot on their menu that we have not eaten. I just want to bring that up as a sort of disclaimer.

Some advantages of Berkshire Pork – Black pig
*Finest pigs available to man
*Fed with balanced and nutritious diet
*Fed in natural way
*No antibiotics, growth hormones and muscle drugs

What’s best about Berkshire?
*Higher degree of tenderness
*Better water holding capacity with no drip loss
*Darker and richer meat color
*Higher quality and juicier loin with high percentage of intermuscular fat

We had the ribs cut by them after taking the photos and that made it easy to take out the meat part. Boy the mayonnaise complimented well with t he herbs and spices of the ribs while it is so tenderly good to munch. This is something I would really recommend and this size is even good for 2-4 people. Additional advice, you can use your hands with the ribs and don’t hold back to enjoy its full potential.

Pizza Berkshire & Crema Di Tartufo

Berkshire’s roasted pork, grilled zucchini, truffle paste, smoked cheese and mozzarella

Similar to spaghetti, pizzas are must-have in this restaurant. Not only they taste good, the flavors really compliment each other which means the ingredients were well thought of and freshly prepared. The crust is not too thick yet easy to bite. Not burnt and a bit oily which I do not have any problem at all. Just make sure you use that pepper sauce, the experience will not be the same as having one.

The Bar

They also have a bar which I was told that after office hours, people working in the offices come here to have few drinks, have conversation and socialize. Their peak hours are mostly after office hours on weekdays and evening on weekends.


Their home made ice cream with blue berries is something you should try too. It is served on top of ice to keep it cold.

their wood fired pizza oven

I wouldn’t leave you guys with just good photos so I have this special deal with Passione Restorante Italiano. Their way of thanking you guys for reading this blog post, they are giving 1 glass of wine free of charge if you screenshot this or any of our social media posts stating about this deal when you show it to them.

With me (picture-left) during this food review are fellow food lovers Erika, Riz and Mar. It’s always fun to share and discuss the food together with friends and like-minded individuals plus, this was our first time meeting again after 3 months of MCO so it is always great to catch up and enjoy the food at the same time.

Thank you for dropping by and do not forget to check out my Instagram page for more food photos.

Passione Restorante Italiano can be found with details below:

Address: 19, Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2:30PM ⋅ Reopens 6PM
Phone: +60 3-9055 3833

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