BCafe International Bespoke Roasters

BCafe International Bespoke Roasters

BCafe International Bespoke Roasters recently just opened during our visit as you can see on the photo below with the balloons and flowers at the entrance. They are located at 83G, Jalan Dataran Cheras 4, Dataran Perniagaan 43200 Cheras, Selangor.

They offer wide variety of pastries and deserts with vast options of cake and handcrafted coffee and tea beverages.

What I love about this café is their vibrant ambiance, their branding colour on the left side of the wall somewhat emits a vibrant atmosphere.

The coffee you may ask? Yes coffee is good. They have done absolutely right to make it right for the coffee. Keeping fresh roasted beans daily is something of a must have for cafés these days.

It can accommodate many seats and if you are early you could occupy their soft sofa seats which is ideal for groups.

Their cup if you want to bring your coffee outside or have it delivered

In summary, this café can easily tick your checklist in terms of your ideal café. It’s only a matter of actually going there and experiencing it yourself that matters because my experience could be different than yours. Now that you know that they exist, go and try it yourselves. Do let me know your experience once you’ve been there.

Here’s a vlog I uploaded on this visit.

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