Skybar At Traders Hotel – Cocktails + Best View Of Petronas Twin Towers

Skybar At Traders Hotel – Cocktails + Best View Of Petronas Twin Towers

With the recent emergence of new skyscrapers in the KL skyline, there are literally new spots to watch the famous Petronas Twin Towers. SkyBar at Traders Hotel is one of the best spots to view the Twin Towers so we headed there to see if it still has that unobstructed view of the Twin Towers.

Above photo shows how the view looks like around 6:30pm. We intended to go for sunset view so that time should be okay just to settle down, order snacks and cocktails and prepare for sunset.

To those who have not been to SkyBar, there is a swimming pool in the middle which is surrounded by tables and chairs for everyone to hang out. Literally, it is a bar with a swimming pool. Hotel guests can dip into the pool while enjoying the view and company of their friends or loved ones.

SkyBar is known for their creative cocktails which are reasonably priced. They also serve beers and whiskey. Snacks are available too, with few options.

When the sun starts to set and the clouds turn from gold to blue, so does the lighting inside SkyBar. Well designed lighting is what makes this place so special.

When you are up there, you will most likely don’t notice the people around you because the amazing skyline and the Petronas Twin Towers will surely steal the attention, most especially during sunset.

Riz had Basil Smash, the recommended one from the waiter. I had East & Zest which I liked because it has some pineapple juice with it.

Basil Smash - SkyBar signature cocktailBasil Smash (cocktail) – Gin, lemon juice, fresh basil and simple syrup (RM55 nett)  East & Zest - SkyBar East & Zest – Vodka, orgeat syrup, lychee, pineapple juice & lemon juice (RM 55 nett)

Our next round was two other recommendations from the waiter. I had the Asian Delight while Riz had Evergreen.

At this point, it was already blue hour and the view of Petronas Twin Towers dramatically changed. 

Asian delight - SkyBar

Asian delight – jose cuervo tequila, guava juice, kaffir leaf, lemon grass, simple syrup, lime juice, sea salt ( RM55 nett)

Evergreen - SkyBar

Evergreen – gin, elder flower liqueur, sage, kumquats, lemon juice ( RM55 nett)

The SkyBar bucket - SkyBar The SkyBar bucket – half dozen buffalo wings, half order of crispy fried seafood, half order mixed satay, cross cut fries, served with tartar sauce, chilli sauce and peanut sauce (RM95nett)

Below is the photo of the scenery just before the sun crosses the horizon and the newly installed skyscraper by Four Seasons is an addition to the huge buildings that stood nearby the towers. This scene is not the same as say 3 years ago.


And finally, one of my best photos of the twins so far without using a tripod. This was shot handheld from the SkyBar glass window.

To wrap this up, I can only say that nothing still beats the view of the twins from SkyBar. I know I have said that in my early statement but seriously, If you visit Kuala Lumpur, make sure you drop by SkyBar and you will definitely not regret it. Sunset and New Year’s eve are the best ocassions that you need to be here. While you are into the view, just make sure you relax and enjoy sips of their cocktails. They still have a lot on their menu but the ones above are some of the recommended.

Have you been to Skybar at Traders Hotel? Please share your experience on the comments section below.

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